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customized wood components for window, door and joinery industry

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Your reliable partner and supplier of wooden components for industrial use, wholesale, Furniture and Window production. 


Since decades we dedicated ourselves to woodworking. Our target is to successfully combine traditional craftsmanship and latest technologies and tools to optimise the production process.  


Our products meet the highest and latest industrial quality stardards of woodworking, are perfectly suitable for industrial application and will meet the needs of most demanding customers.


To guarantee the shortest delivery terms we offer an efficient stock service: on a warehouse space of more than 400 m2 we keep on stock over 45 tons or 180 different articles.


Special manufacturing and individual packaging solutions are possible on request.



dowel pin

dowel rod

grooved tenons

joining biscuit

pre-glued dowel pin

plastic dowel pin

angle pin

angle spring

truss pin

cone system

hoffmann key


knot patch
round patch
patch rod


wooden ball
round bar
decorative nail
wooden feet
cover cap

special orders

special orders
handrail curve
handrail caps
handrail brackets

Napking ring

3 different sizes

Surprise your guests with beautiful napking rings in natural beech or paint them with your children to make your very personal pieces

Wooden wheel with rubber band

for diy professionals

Wooden wheels for self-made small furniture pieces or toys are available in 3 different sizes

round patches

in european spruce

are a definite must-have for all dyi specialists

Dec.19, 2015 new warehouse building

We proudly present our new warehouse building which was finished shortly before Christmas 2016. More space, more opportunities to offer to our customers!

Next Management Generations

After almost 30 years in the company Monika Jungwirth is taking her well earned retirement beginning of 2015.

Florian Jungwirth has been working for the company since 2001 and has been responsible for purchasing and production. 2015 he took over the family business and the ownership of the company.