Our Products

meet the highest and latest industrial quality stardards of woodworking and are perfectly suitable for industrial application.


To guarantee the shortest delivery terms we offer an efficient stock service: on a warehouse space of more than 400 m2 we keep on stock over 45 tons or 180 different artikles.


Special manufacturing and individual packaging solutions are possible on request.


  • dowel pin
  • dowel rod
  • grooved tenons
  • joining biscuit
  • pre-glued dowel pin
  • plastic dowel pin
  • angle pin
  • angle spring
  • truss pin
  • cone system
  • hoffmann key


  • knot patch
  • round patch
  • patch
  • patch rod


  • wooden ball
  • round bar
  • decorative nail
  • wooden feet
  • cover cap

Special Manufacturing

  • special orders
  • handrail
  • handrail curve
  • handrail caps
  • handrail brackets